International day of actions

Large networks such as Friends of the Earth, Avaaz and have called for an international day of actions on either October 26th or 27th, against ‘false solutions’ in the struggle against climate change: shalegas, CCS, dirty biomass and nuclear. The coalition Don’t Nuke the Climate will take responsibility for actions against nuclear; Wise International

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Tiana and Justin are full-time now!

Tiana Carter and Justin Falwell have reduced their hours at their “straight jobs” to make themselves available to Peace Dividend full-time.

Both have exceptional bonafides in voter outreach and citizen engagement. Tiana worked for three years in a voter registration drive with ACORN, and Justin is well-known for his fiery …

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We are looking at a number of different channels for crowdfunding. There is quite a variety to choose from — GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Rockethub, Indiegogo, Fundly, You Caring, Crowdrise — each offering its particular areas of specialization and appeal.

None of our core team members have a track record in crowdfunding. …

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