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Yes, we are peace activists!

But first and foremost, we are American citizens deeply troubled by our nation’s pursuit of world hegemony, an illegal and immoral enterprise which is bankrupting the country socially, spiritually and financially. A monomania has gripped the centers of power since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It is an obsession with American superiority — “exceptionalism” as it’s commonly called — which somehow has elevated the envisioned triumph of the U.S. as the most powerful and wonderful nation in history, above respect for international law, the quality of life of its citizens, even above the value of human life itself.

The militarization of all aspects of America are evident. It’s on TV, in the movies, on the news. Our local police forces look like special ops Navy Seal teams.

In particular, our foreign policy has been reduced to a single commandment: Bombs Away!

The U.S. is now viewed as the big bully of the world, deemed the greatest threat to world peace on the planet.

There has been no accountability for any of the carnage the U.S. has wrought through its seemingly never-ending pursuit of empire.

And it continues in our name as citizens of this country for one simple reason . . .

We pay for it!

We trusted our politicians to do the right thing and they have grossly abused that trust. They have with calculation and smug self-righteousness taken us into unnecessary and illegal wars, expanded our military and defense capabilities far beyond any conceivable relationship to actual threats, purchased billions and billions of dollars of military junk, destroyed whole countries, killed hundreds of thousands of people, built over 900 bases in 145 countries, squandered trillions of dollars which could have been put to good use here at home creating opportunities and a good life for the vast majority of American citizens.

Based on lies and war propaganda, we have have been victims the greatest theft of taxpayer money in the history of the world.

But the irresponsibility and impunity of our political leaders stops now!

We will end the wars and get back the blood money we paid in good faith as loyal citizens and honest, hard-working taxpayers.

That’s our goal and its entire raison d’être.

Our domestic NGO is fundamentally non-hierarchical, a “bottoms-up” organization where we all pitch in. But below are some of the individuals who make regular contributions of their time and energy to make this work.

Feel free to contact them, if you have any questions or suggestions:


John Rachel

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Sandoval Bruggé

Tiana CarterJustin Falwell

Nancy Gorman

Harold Persepolis

Madelaine Nguyen



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