Endless War

Crying SoldierThe U.S. has been at war for 222 years of its 239-year history.

We have a Nobel Peace Prize-winning president who brags about bombing seven countries.

With at least 11,000 troops actively deployed on any given day, the U.S. has mounted “special ops initiatives” — which is a euphemism for ‘meddling’ — in 135 countries so far this year.

We have almost 800 bases in 63 countries.

Do you see how this works?

The wars will never end!  Ever!

Unless we stop this insanity.

How did we get into the mess in the Middle East?

We were lied to.

We were told it was for our own good.

America had to bomb bomb bomb to make us safer.

We had to destroy Iraq and Libya.  Now we have to help destroy Yemen.  Next we have to destroy Syria.

We are told we must spend billions and billions and billions wreaking havoc in the world to be more secure.

We are told America will not stop bombing until the world is a better place.

But . . .

We’re not safer.

We’re not more secure.

The world is not a better place.

The ugly truth that really hits home is our world  here in America — which used to be the model for every other nation on the planet — is a mess.  By any measure our infrastructure, economy, and democratic system of government is deteriorating.  Our country is falling apart while we build roads and schools in Afghanistan and Iraq, so we or NATO or ISIS or whoever can blow them up, and then we can rebuild them again.

Is this supposed to make sense?

What about America?  Are our leaders suffering from amnesia?  Did they forget about that phrase in the Constitution that demands our government “promote the general welfare”?  It doesn’t say bomb every country we don’t like, then rebuild them using American taxpayers as an ATM machine.

Most American citizens are in debt up to their eyebrows.  People are losing their homes.  Our jobs are being shipped overseas.  Our roads, bridges, schools, communities are falling apart.  Poverty is accelerating.

Yes, these are the grim realities here at home while the U.S. goes around beating its chest as the big bad bully of the planet.

America’s pursuit of military glory and world empire for the past 24 years has wasted trillions and trillions of dollars of our hard-earned tax money, given in good faith, trusting that the government would put it to good use.  THIS is where $4.82 trillion of your money went:

Endless war?

Endless war = endless profits for the defense contractors.

Endless war = endless hatred of America and horrifying blowback — ISIS is the latest example.

Endless war = endless suffering and carnage for all the people we kill, endless excuses for why America can’t take care of its own citizens.

Endless war = worse schools, worse roads and parks and communities, worse unemployment, worse everything for good decent Americans.

Join us in battling the out-of-control military.

Join us in taking back control and shaping the future we want for ourselves and our children.

Start here and get a free copy of Vote Like You Mean It, which lays out our strategy for getting our democracy back and again having government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Then, when election time finally roles around, only  vote for those candidates who have put it in writing.

Only  vote for those candidates who sign a legally-binding contract, guaranteeing the Peace Dividend refund will become a reality.

Only  vote for those candidates who will give you your money back  and stop the horrifying waste going on in the name of “defending the homeland”.

The Peace Dividend will awaken America from the nightmare of endless war.

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