International day of actions

Large networks such as Friends of the Earth, Avaaz and have called for an international day of actions on either October 26th or 27th, against ‘false solutions’ in the struggle against climate change: shalegas, CCS, dirty biomass and nuclear. The coalition Don’t Nuke the Climate will take responsibility for actions against nuclear; Wise International is providing a few simple but nice action ideas, action and communication materials, sample press releases, and more. Partnering organizations in Europe (even one here in the U.S.) are cooperating in the effort.

Peace is only possible if the incentives for war are replaced with focused cooperative efforts which embrace large segments of the world population and force the realignment of governments away from multinational corporations and the predatory banking cartels. Consciousness is where it begins. Sadly, these kinds of mass demonstrations don’t seem to be in the cards anytime soon here in America.

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