Afghanistan & Iraq

The U.S. has spent $1.5 trillion so far fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Mind you, both of these wars were completely unnecessary.  There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  And the Taliban offered to turn over to us Osama bin Laden, who was on a dialysis machine in Kandahar, if we didn’t bomb them.  So we bombed them!

Analysts are predicting that when all of the ancillary expenses are added in, including the interest on the money we borrowed to fight these two bogus wars, the combined total cost will be $4-6 trillion.

But the tragedy of these wars cannot be measured in dollars.

6,851 young men and women in or approaching the prime of their lives died in these wars.

For what?

And now as America stirs up even more trouble across the globe — in Syria, Yemen, Iran — insults and intimidates two major nuclear powers — Russia and China — brings the world closer to another major world war, even total annihilation in a nuclear holocaust, we must keep reminding ourselves how pointless and self-destructive all of this is, by asking over and over . . .

For what?

For what?

America’s obsession with war is bankrupting us as a society — financially, morally, spiritually.

Ultimately it could destroy us.

We each must do whatever we can to end this madness.

Please join us and let’s work together for a more peaceful world.


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