Electing A Peace Dividend Congress

The current Congress, in the pockets of Wall Street, investment banks, and hedge funds, all of which have a stake in perpetuating the money machine that our current military regime drives, WILL NOT APPROVE THE PEACE DIVIDEND REFUND. Their rich and powerful benefactors won’t let them.

Thus we have no choice.

We must FORCE THEM to initiate and pass the Peace Dividend Refund Act, allocating $4.826 trillion of federal budget monies, in order to refund over three years the $14,952 due to every living U.S. citizen.

The Peace Dividend Refund is long overdue.

It’s time the government paid up!

What this means is that in the coming 2018 election, WE ONLY VOTE FOR CANDIDATES WHO WILL GIVE US A LEGALLY-BINDING GUARANTEE, that they will go to Washington DC and push through both houses of Congress the necessary legislation for the Peace Dividend refund to become the law of the land.

So . . . the success of this effort is on our shoulders.  Frankly, it doesn’t require that much. No big demonstrations, no protest marching, no circulating of petitions, no phone blasts to the offices of our elected legislators.

All the Peace Dividend strategy requires is that people stand strong and united — stick up for themselves and other good decent American citizens who have been getting the shaft — then go into the voting booth and only vote for candidates who give us a legally-binding guarantee that they will go to Washington DC and do what needs to be done.

You have to admit, that’s simple enough.  We know exactly what we have to do.

But what’s a “legally-binding guarantee”?

This is the legally-binding candidate contract for the Peace Dividend Refund:

It’s very straightforward.

If we really want our money back; if we want the endless wars to stop; if we want to see our country become strong, safe, solvent; if we want to reverse the barbarous, self-destructive militarization of our country and the world; if we want to end the slaughter of thousands of innocent people across the globe and be respected again as a country that promotes peace and harmony, then . . .

We only vote for candidates who sign the above contract.

No compromise.  No equivocation.  No negotiation.  No fear.

If a candidate for federal office — President, Senate, House of Representatives — will not sign on the dotted line, he does not deserve, nor will he or she get our vote.

If we stand strong, remain united, refuse to back down, we can do this.

Our children and our children’s children will thank us.

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