Empire of Chaos Strikes Again

Is there any any doubt that either the U.S. gave its approval of or played a major role in the downing of the Russian S-24 bomber this week?

Obviously, Turkey has its own agenda in the matter, that being its fight against the Kurds, the creation of a safe zone in northern Syria for shipment of weapons to jihadi terrorist militias it backs in the overthrow of the Assad regime, its desire to raise the nationalistic hackles of its own citizenry, and perhaps most importantly, the desire to protect the enormously profitable trade in oil it conducts on behalf of ISIS.

But Turkey is not only a member of NATO, it effectively is a vassal of the U.S. in areas of Middle East foreign policy and military deployment. Those were U.S.-provided F-16s which shot down the Russian Su-24. President Obama has leveled no criticism of the illegal and senseless downing of the craft, and in fact, defended Turkey stating, “Turkey, like every country, has a right to defend its territory and its airspace.” The U.S. war machine mouthpiece, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, immediately held a press conference declaring, “We stand in solidarity with Turkey and support the territorial integrity of our NATO Ally, Turkey.”

This is just another example of divide/destroy/conquer by America driven by delusional fantasies of world hegemony; spawned by its insatiable need to create market opportunities for the world’s most aggressive purveyor of weaponry, the U.S. military-industrial complex; yet another tactical blunder in the hugely flawed Grand Chessboard of geopolitical posturing, which ignores human suffering and writes off carnage and death as necessary collateral damage.

When will the conscience of everyday Americans come out of a coma and cry out to stop the endless wars and begin insisting that the enormous riches and ingenuity of this country be applied for a better life for us here at home?

Yes, the peace dividend we are demanding of the U.S. government domestically is a financial award. But what a phenomenal peace dividend it would be for the rest of the world if America would just stop raining death and destruction down on them and their innocent populations.

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